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Angel Costumes


Angel Costumes

No matter what angel fashion you're going for this Halloween - divine or devilish, naughty or nice, sweet or sexy; you're sure to find it here! But don't forget your halo and wings; no adult angel costume is complete without those!

Angel Halloween Costumes! Whether Heaven sent or hell bent, adult angel costumes are in high demand during the Halloween season. Are you going for the heavenly angel in white look or are you more of the fallen angel in black stilettos? Although angels are more widely known as divine beings, Halloween is a great time to put your own outrageous spin on these winged, halo-adorned costumes. The English word angel derives from the Greek word "angelos" meaning messenger. The belief of angels or spirit messengers, goes back thousands of centuries and can be found in many religions and ancient mythology. Modern day stories of angels portray someone who comes to us during a time of need providing help or a kind word, and then mysteriously disappearing. Many look to angels for guidance, protection and support in their everyday lives; better known as, guardian angels. Today their images can be seen on birth announcements, Christmas cards, decorations, grave sites and many other religious accouterments.