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Food and Beverage Costumes

Be creative and let your taste buds run wild! Check out our huge selection of Food and Beverage Costumes where you will find high quality food costumes such as pizza, hotdogs, candy, condiments, ice cream and your favorite alcoholic beverages. Dress up in our Buzzed Light or Beer Keg Costume and you're sure to be the life of the party!

Food and Beverage Halloween Costumes! Have you ever heard the saying, "You are what you eat"? Well, here at we're taking that saying literally and when wearing one of our adult food and beverage costumes, you'll actually look good enough to eat! Every year the Food Network puts out new programs that are becoming increasingly popular with viewers around the world; everything you need to know about food, from preparation to presentation. New Orleans, the mecca of food and drink in the south is home to "The Southern Food and Beverage Museum" which opened their doors at the Riverwalk Marketplace in New Orleans in June 2008. It's dedicated to the discovery, understanding and celebration of the food, drink and the related culture of the South. So why not take all this popularity for food and drink and turn them into costumes?! Well that's just what we've done! You'll find our food costumes cover the grub globe from candy and condiments to chefs and hot dog venders. Feeling a little fruity? Try one of our many fruits or vegetable costumes; bananas, grapes, apples, carrots or peas in a pod. Got a sweet tooth? Your dentist will be more than happy for you to wear these costumes; Tootsie Roll, Pez Dispenser, Sugar Daddy's and M & M's (plain or peanut). Now, how can we celebrate Halloween without adult beverages! What's a party without a beer keg? Not the actual beer keg, but the Beer Keg Costume. Guys love this costume because it is the ultimate "man" costume. It's a silver foam keg that has "BEER KEG" written on the front. But the best part is that the canister headpiece holds almost two cups of liquid making it an actual working tap. Instead of walking around all night holding a cup, you just take a drink right from the tap on your head. If it's a beer theme you're looking for then there are a few more costumes you need to check out; there's always the Beer Mug, the Beer Bottle or the tried-and-true Beer Can. Become your own Superhero with our Beer Man Costume, complete with cape, tights and a beer holder belt; "Never fear, Beer Man is here"! Women might prefer portraying a classier drink such as a sexy Martini, a savory Margarita or a mouthwatering Cosmopolitan. All of these delicious costumes and so many more delectable drinks can be found here.