Greek & Roman Costumes

Greek and Roman Costumes

With our Greek and Roman costumes, you can step back in time to ancient Rome; a time of Julius Caesar, Mark Antony and the "fighting to the death" gladiators. Protect the Greek and Roman cities as a Spartan or Roman Guard or become ruler of Egypt as the beautiful and intelligent Cleopatra. So this Halloween, honor both the gods and the humans with these amazing Greek and Roman costumes!

Release your inner God or Goddess with one of our Greek or Roman costumes. You too can be worshipped this Halloween! The Olympians are a group of 12 gods and goddesses that dwell on Mount Olympus. They embody many of our human character traits and emotions; passion, jealousy, fear, empathy, greed and vengeance. As is the case with all gods, they are real to the people who worship them. To the ancient Greeks, their gods and goddesses were real and they worshiped and prayed to them. They believed that if they offended any of the gods, then disaster would ensue. In the logical sense, gods and goddesses may not be real, but faith makes them so. Some of the more beloved Greek gods are, Zeus - ruler of all the gods; his brother, Poseidon - lord of the sea; and Hercules - the god of strength. The Greek goddesses are, Zeus' wife, Hera - queen of all the gods, and goddess of marriage; Aphrodite - the goddess of love, romance and beauty; and Athena - the goddess of wisdom.