Mascot Costumes

Larger than life, a mascot costume will put you at the head of the parade - or party! Hundreds of mascot costumes to represent your team or company. Everything from animal mascot costumes to team mascot costumes. Even theatrical grade mascot costumes. Great for schools, sports teams and businesses.

Mascot Costumes and Mascot Halloween Costumes! The word "mascot" was brought to our attention in 1880, when French composer Edmond Audran wrote a notorious comic operetta titled "La Mascotte," a light hearted story about a farm girl who brought good luck to whoever possessed her. This operetta was so beloved that it was translated into English as "The Mascot," introducing into the English language a word for any animal, person or object that brings good luck. Man has always admired the wild beasts he used to hunt, the grace and speed of the big cats, the perseverance of the wolf, the gracefulness of the eagle and the sheer power of the bear. All of these animals made fearsome opponents; it was this awe and respect that led to the adoption of these animals as tribal symbols. It was the hope of the clans that by communing with these animals, some of these powers would magically integrate into their tribe. Today, the awe and respect for the mascot is still as strong as ever. From little leagues to professional teams, the mascot is held in high esteem. They give the players and fans a sense of pride and belonging. Many are household names and proud identifiers of one's favorite team. School mascots are there to generate excitement and energize school spirit, motivating the student body. They're an incentive for student participation and involvement, promoting a sense of unity and pride. The mascot signifies a proud heritage, from both present and past students, embodying the spirit and life of the school.