Military / Law Enforcement

Military and Law Enforcement Costumes

There's something about a man or woman in uniform. They're sexy, strong, willing and able. Many occupations call for uniforms such as; military, police officers, firemen, pilots and flight attendants. Most jobs where a uniform is required on a daily basis are always left up to the professionals. However, that's not the case for Halloween. Try out a new pretend occupation with adult military and law enforcement costumes. They give new meaning to the term, "uniform."

Military and Law Enforcement Halloween Costumes! Uniforms are worn in many professions so the wearer can be easily recognizable in an emergency. This is the best for everyone's general safety and welfare, as well as for their own. These individuals went through a lot of hard training and wear their uniforms with pride, knowing they are local heroes to many. The most obvious occupation in regards to uniforms is that of a police officer or fireman. However, at Halloween, uniform costumes are strictly for fun and definitely not very professional. It's that time of year when adults get to play dress up and pretend to be someone else for the night. What better time to join the mile high club as that pilot you've always wanted to be or maybe do a little pat down of your own as a police officer; bring the heat as a sexy fireman or come aboard the ship as a suave sailor. Women in uniform (especially a man's uniform) is as sexy as it gets. Live out every man's fantasy dressed as a sexy dirty cop complete with handcuffs and fishnet thigh highs. Become a military pinup girl or a provocative first mate. All hands will be on deck with that uniform! Seductive flight attendants and flirtatious female pilots rule the airways while the smokin hot firefighters will be thoroughly heating things up.