The Roaring 20's

The Roaring 20's Costumes

The fashion world of the 1920's was chic and stylish. A new woman was born; the Flapper. She wore her hair and dress sleek and short, donned make up and smoked with a long cigarette holder. She was bold and fearless and loved to dance. Check out our stylish selection of roaring 20's costumes!

The Roaring 20's Halloween Costumes! The 1920's brought with it many fads; the decade of "bath tub" gin, the Model T and the Speakeasy. The television hadn't been invented so the radio was the next big thing. People tuned in every day to listen to jazz music, comedy shows, variety shows, sports and live events. Another big fad was the movies, with the 1920's marking the start of sound movies. Also, dancing became a fad in itself. People loved to celebrate and there's no bigger way to do that than dance. Everyone loved to dance, especially the Fox-Trot, the Charleston and the Shimmy. The prohibition era of the 1920s gave rise to new levels of gang-related crime, especially bootlegging. Although the goal of prohibition was to try to lower crime rates in the country, it actually ended up making it worse. Bootlegging and bank robbing was very profitable and considered a way to make some quick cash. Gangsters dressed in Zoot suits and fedora's, made a powerful, yet stylish statement in the fashion world. Check out our how to video of How to Create an Authentic 1920's Flapper Costume Look