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TV & Movie Costumes

It's no secret that movies and television play a huge role when it comes to costumes, Halloween or otherwise. With a television or movie costume, you could save the world, be the king of pop, captain of the Starship Enterprise or a loveable ogre. You choose!

TV and Movies Halloween Costumes! People fall in love with these amazing characters being portrayed on the silver screen as well as the television screen and want to emulate them, even if only for a night of Halloween fun. Consider such movies as, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman and Harry Potter; they've spawned some wonderful characters that will be around for years to come. As with all new movies, summer blockbusters always have one or two main characters that people are dying to bring to life at Halloween. Men love role playing, and Halloween gives them a chance to show us their a-game. They get to dress up in costume and play the role of superhero, spy or bad guy. Men's movie costumes run the full gamut when it comes to selection; everything from James Bond to Buzz Lightyear. The rise in popularity of reality shows on tv has put a new dimension on men's television costumes. Not only do you have the classics such as; Fred Flintstone, Gilligan and Popeye, but you now have Pauly D and the Situation from Jersey Shore, Paul Teutul from American Chopper, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Flavor Flav from Flavor of Love. These reality shows have created some of the most wild and flat-out crazy characters of the likes we haven't seen in awhile; and for that reason they're flying off the shelves! Think about how much fun it would be to take off that suit and tie and just let loose.