Air Blown Inflatable Decoration Tips

Air Blown Inflatable Yard Decor

Everything you need to know about these air filled creations!

Inflatable yard decorations are literally popping up everywhere. These brightly colored, cute, whimsical and very festive yard decor items are one of the latest trends in holiday yard decorating. Although inflatable decorations began their initial course largely as Christmas decorations, nowadays you can find inflatables that are appropriate for most any holiday or special occasion. The beauty of the inflatable decoration is that although it is large and makes a bold statement that cannot be ignored, it is also surprisingly easy to put up. With a minimal amount of effort, you can transform your own home into that supremely decorated house in your neighborhood that everyone is talking about. 




Inflatable Decorations: The Simple Facts

Inflatable yard decorations are generally made from brightly colored and durable waterproof nylon material, making them the absolute perfect choice for use outdoors, even in rainy or snowy weather conditions. These simple to use decorations are designed to easily self-inflate with a built in fan once plugged in. Inflatable decorations can be used day or night, but the most dramatic effect can be achieved once the decoration is lit up against the dark nighttime sky. Once the sun goes down and the inflatable decoration goes up, these vibrantly colored, brightly lit, ubiquitous inflated characters almost come to life. Inflatable decorations are very large, some of them reaching a stature of 8-10 feet once fully inflated. A dramatic, bold and not to be missed decorative item, the air blown decoration gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The inflatable's utter simplicity and ease of use will only serve to enhance your complete holiday yard decorating experience! 

Tips For Using Air Blown Inflatable Yard Decorations

There are a few tips that will help you to select the inflatable decoration best suited for your own personal needs and to help you achieve the results that you desire.

Size:   Decide where you would like to place your inflatable decoration. You will need to ensure that there is nothing in the immediate area of the inflatable to interfere with or impede its inflation. Make sure that there aren't any trees, bushes or branches that will potentially scrape, scratch or poke at your air blown as these could potentially damage it. Make sure you have access to an electrical outlet, as you will need to plug in your air blown inflatable in order to use it.

Placement and Set Up: Once you have decided on that perfect spot to put your inflatable decoration, remove it from the box. (By the way, it's a good idea to keep the box the decoration came in to store the decoration when it is not in use.) Remove any packaging materials and spread the deflated decoration out fully on the ground, making sure again that the area is clear from any potential obstructions. Most inflatable decorations come with simple to use leg stands, tethers or stakes that will help to secure your decoration to the ground. Follow the easy instructions for your individual piece to ensure that you have it set up appropriately. If your inflatable has metal clips on the bottom of the character, make sure these are securely attached to the plastic legs. Make sure your inflatable is facing upright.

Inflating:    Every air blown inflatable decoration comes with its own built in fan so that once plugged in, in just minutes your decoration can self-inflate and come to its full stature. There are a few things you will want to do before plugging your inflatable decoration in. First of all, make sure that any zippers, fasteners or vents that are found on your decoration are closed and that nothing is obstructing the air intake area. The air intake is usually at the bottom of the inflatable. The air intake forces air into the decoration, inflating it, so this will need to remain clear at all times for your inflatable to be operational. Plug your unit into an electrical outlet in order to begin the inflation process. Inflating will take a few minutes, varying a little bit time wise depending on the size of your decoration. Once your inflatable is fully erect, attach the tethers to the ring grommets that are on the sides of your unit. Insert the stakes into the ground. To hold your inflatable in place attach the tethers to the grounded stakes; securing the decoration. Deflating your inflatable is very simple, just unplug the decoration and it will gradually deflate completely. If you need to speed up the deflation process, you can unzip the unit, but this is not necessary. 

Miscellaneous Tips For Using Air Blown Inflatable Decorations:

  • Your inflatable must be plugged in for it to remain inflated. Once unplugged your inflatable will automatically deflate. If you are wondering about how much electricity your inflatable is actually using, the inflatable uses somewhat less electricity than an average string of decorative lights.
  • Most manufacturers recommend that you do not keep your inflatable plugged in for more than 8 hours at one stretch.
  • If your inflatable requires cleaning, you can accomplish this by wiping it gently with a damp cloth and using a mild soap if necessary.
  • Make sure your inflatable decoration is clean and very dry before packing it away for storage.
  • Tears or rips that may accidentally occur in your inflatable item can be easily repaired yourself without any special equipment being necessary. You can sew the tear by hand with a needle and thread or even clear packaging tape or duct tape can be used to repair the tear.
Yard Decorating Tips For Using Inflatable Decorations:
  • Create a Decorating Plan. This is especially true if you intend to use more than one inflatable decoration in your holiday decorating scheme. You will want to make sure you have plenty of room around each decor item so they will not only can inflate fully but will also not bump into each other or rub against any other features of your landscaping or yard. Depending on the size of your inflatable, you may also want to consider if it is blocking a window or obstructing a view.
  • Consider Potential Weather Conditions. Wind can blow your decoration around and move it a little bit even when tethered, so giving it a little bit of room around it is a good idea so it doesn't rub against things. If you live in an area that is very prone to high winds, tether your inflatable extra tightly and very securely.
  • Clear Air Intake. Make sure your inflatable is placed someplace where the air intake is not going to become plugged up with debris or other potential blockage. If air cannot enter the decoration, it will obviously not inflate! If your inflatable is not inflating as it should be, you will definitely want to check the air intake area to ensure that it has not become obstructed by debris or even its own fabric.
  • Have Fun! Air blown inflatable decorations are a very quick and easy solution for creating maximum dramatic holiday decorating impact. Within just a few minutes your landscape can easily be transformed into an amazing holiday spectacle!