Best Halloween Attractions Around the US

The Best Halloween Attractions Around the U.S.

Each autumn around the United States, people begin to prepare for their annual Halloween celebrations. Every year, Halloween brings about scary mazes, haunted houses, and other frightening affairs. Exhibits open each year in places such as old cruise ships and abandoned prisons, and scary scenes are recreated for visitors to enjoy. While it is likely easy to find Halloween festivities regardless of where you live, there are some places that have taken Halloween to the next level and have become major tourist attractions. Learn more about some of the scariest and creepiest Halloween attractions around the country.

Bates Motel - The Bates Motel attraction is located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and offers visitors a truly creepy trip through the hotel's gruesome interior. After checking out the hotel's interior, visitors can take a haunted hay ride through a scary forest, or take a trip through a corn maze.

Thrillvania - Thrillvania is a thrill park located on a plantation in Terrell, Texas. The notorious destination features four different attractions including the Labyrinth of Terror, the Trail of Torment, Voodoo Bayou, and Granny Lupus' Seance Theater.

Eastern State Penitentiary - Eastern State Penitentiary is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is probably pretty frightening on its own. The fright level, however, has been taken to the next level with an attraction known as "Terror Behind the Walls." Within the eleven acre prison complex, there are five different haunted houses.

Knott's Scary Farm - Late each fall, Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, is transformed into Knott's Scary Farm. It is one of the most attended Halloween attractions in the world. Knott's Scary Farm features thrill rides such as the GhostRider (a huge wooden coaster), elaborate mazes, live shows, and more. Knott's Scary Farm is the ultimate horror experience.

The 13th Gate - The 13th Gate is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This attraction treats visitors to the ultimate haunted house, with thirteen different themed indoor and outdoor areas. Walk through underground caverns, crawl through a crematory oven, and walk the bridge over a pit of live snakes. The 13th gate has over 40,000 square feet to explore.

The Queen Mary - The Queen Mary is an old ship located in Long Beach, California. The ship has twelve decks featuring 7 different mazes, a huge dance hall, and gory decorations including skeletons and blood. A dance party and live bands are sure to keep visitors to the Queen Mary entertained.

Scream in the Dark - A unique Halloween attraction, Scream in the Dark is an outdoor haunted house. It is located in Bakersfield, California and was formerly known as Chamber of Chills. The masterful use of creepy sound and lighting along with talented actors, creates an amazingly spooky atmosphere. Visitors to Scream in the Dark are guaranteed a fun but frightening time.

Hangman's House of Horrors - Hangman's House of Horror's is located in Fort Worth, Texas. It is based on the legend of a murderer from the 19th century known as Hangman who was said to have killed his victims by hanging them from trees along the Trinity River banks. The attraction features not only the House of Horrors but also the 3D Funhouse, Hillbillies Revenge, and the Cirque de Fantomes. Visitors are also treated to body art, live bands, rides, and more. Part of the proceeds from Hangman's House of Horrors benefits local charities.

The attractions listed above are just a few of the many spooky Halloween attractions around the United States. Some Halloween attractions have become well known and attract huge crowds of people that are willing to travel to experience the fun and fright of the holiday. Even if you do not live near one of the more well known Halloween attractions and do not want to travel, it is still easy to find holiday festivities in your area. There are a number of websites that list haunted houses and other fun attractions and activities all around the United States. Check out some of those sites below.