Stormy Weather

  • July 24, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

Today, the weather channel has forecasted that many storms will be brewing around the country.  As I am typing this, there is thunder in the distance and the sky is black.  Earlier the lights flicked on and off and the wind outside sounded eerily haunting.  Our dog, who by the way weighs in at about 100 lbs, is cowering under the bed.  He’s is petrified of storms and somehow he can always sense when one is coming.  My son, Caden loves storms – the bigger the better.  When the lights go out, he’s in his glory.  On the other hand, my daughters, Olivia and Sydney hate them.  At the first rumble of thunder, they’re glued to my side.  Me, I’ve always loved a good thunderstorm. 

Speaking of thunderstorms, I don’t think you can have a scary movie without one.  It seems like in every horror film whenever someone is alone in the house, or driving on a deserted road - it’s night, the thunder is booming and lightning is flashing in the sky.  Of course, what’s a scary movie without the lights going out in the house – right before the killer strikes!  Whenever someone is lying in their bed alone at night it never fails that it’s storming and the tree in their yard is cracking against the window pane from the wind.  What about that instant when lightning flashes in a darkened house and the killer is standing there?  You find yourself screaming at the girl or guy on the screen that the killer is right behind them!

I would rather watch a scary movie in my own home once it comes out on DVD instead of watching it at a theater.  That way, I can hold my pillow up to my eyes for the scary parts I’m afraid to watch, and I can turn on the lights any time I want.  My nephews are just the opposite.  As soon as a horror flick comes out they can’t wait to get to the theater to see it.