Halloween Haunted Houses

  • August 09, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

What is it about Halloween that makes people go out looking for ways to be scared?  Walking through the cemetery at night, watching scary movies with every light in the house off, or the most popular by far – actually paying for someone to scare you half to death by going to a haunted house!   

One thing I’ve always loved to do at Halloween is to go to as many haunted houses that I could find!  It’s amazing how much they’ve changed since I was younger and going to them with my friends.  Everything is so life like and seems so real that the fear factor is off the charts!  I remember when I was in middle school, I helped some friends of mine put on a haunted house for our school.  It mostly consisted of strobe lights, eerie coffins, spiders dropping down from the ceiling and jumping out at people as they walked through.  Compared to the haunted houses today, that would be a cake walk.  Now when somebody jumps out from behind a door they usually have blood all over them, their missing an arm and their face isn’t even a face – the elaborate makeup they use is amazing.  Then to top it all off they’re either wielding a 12 inch butcher knife or a chain saw!  Gone are the short little walk through one level haunted houses, now they are three and four levels in old condemned buildings that have you scared to death even before you go in.  If a haunted house is not your style, you may opt for a haunted hayride, haunted trail or even a haunted yard. 

A haunted house is defined as a building that is the center for supernatural occurrences or paranormal phenomena.  A house is said to be "possessed" or "haunted" when Satan or ghosts take up residence.  Some cases involve otherwise normal people hearing strange noises or having visions of dead people or of objects moving with no visible means of locomotion.  The illusions created by actors, animatronics, sounds, lighting and other special effects that are made to frighten us, make today’s haunted houses excellent scary venues.

It is estimated that there are over 3000 haunted houses operating every year in North America alone.  If you want to know where a haunted house is in your area, use this link: Halloween Haunted Houses.  It’s a great online portal for all the Halloween haunted house information you will ever need.   

Happy Haunting!!