Spooktacular Yard Decorations

  • August 21, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

Have you ever been picking up your child from a friends house or running an errand late in the evening in October and just can’t believe how some people can completely transform their yards into a spooky graveyard or a haunted cemetery?  Have you ever wondered how they do it?  Depending on how “spooky” you want it to be, it’s actually pretty easy and a lot of fun, if you have the right props and decorations.  

We go all out on Halloween night, transforming our front yard into a eerie, fog-induced yard haunt.  Since you have to walk up our driveway to get to the front porch for trick-or-treating, our neighbors decided to start calling it the “driveway of doom”.  The younger children are so excited, but usually want mom or dad to walk with them the first time.  The older kids try to act cool about it, but it’s funny to see how slowly they come up the driveway.  Now mind you, we do have another walkway to come to the front door for the smaller (and some older) children that are too frightened to use the driveway.  That’s happened to my kids before at other houses and I didn’t want any children to think they couldn’t get candy just because our driveway is a little too scary for them.    

First, we put up a portable garage (they’re shaped like a tunnel with sides and top covered) for the night to put in the driveway and hang strobe lights inside.  Then we put stretchable cobwebs, which you can buy in a bag, throughout the ceiling of it and hang fake spiders throughout.  Every year we put one big prop in there.  Last year it was a coffin with a dummy that the kids had made and the year before that it was the grim reaper.  Finally to top it off we have haunted music playing.  Our kids love it!  They help us put it together every year and decide how they want to decorate it.  I think it helps to have the kids involved with it.  That way they’re not scared because they know it’s not real.

For the front yard we hang orange Halloween lights from the trees and change our porch light and light post to black lights.  Then we place old tombstones around the yard with cobwebs hanging off them and skeletons coming up from the ground.  Skulls and bats are hanging from the trees.  But, by far the most important special effect prop we use would have to be the fog machine.  You can’t have a haunted yard without one!  There’s nothing like a layer of fog floating through the night air adding an element of the unknown for your trick-or-treaters.

So whether you go all out this Halloween night or just put a few decorations in your front yard, the trick-or-treaters will love it!  Don’t forget to check out our website for all your yard decorating needs:  Halloween Decorations and Halloween Props