Unhappily Ever After?

  • September 08, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

Ok, we’ve all grown up with the classic fairytale stories and who doesn’t want to believe in “happily ever after”?  It’s the ending to every fairytale and storybook I’ve ever read and to this day it’s the wonderful ending to the stories I read my children.  However, since the Halloween season is right around the corner even the most innocent of the fairytales have not gone unscathed.  It’s all part of an evil plot to make Halloween costumes even more ghoulish than ever before.  There is a new line of costumes made up of fairytales gone bad called…….. “Unhappily Ever After”! 

These costumes are for adults who have decided that it’s much more fun at Halloween for the classic fairytales to come to life with a gruesome “edge”.  I’ve made a list of the fairytale characters before and after Halloween put its evil curse of them:

Little Red Riding Hood             Little Dead Riding Hood
Snow White                                Snow Fright
Tinkerbell                                   Tinkerhel
Goldilocks                                  Ghouldilocks
Little Miss Muffet                        Lil Priss Muffet
Rapunzel                                    Ripunzel
Alice in Wonderland                   Malice in Wonderland

All kidding aside, these costumes are fabulous!  It’s Halloween, so why be the goody-goody fairytale princess when you can be her evil twin.  If you want to really get into the role of these characters, use white foundation makeup on your face to give yourself a deadly appearance.  Our Perfect Pallor Makeup is just what you need and so easy to use.  You can find it at Halloween Makeup.  Add heavy black eyeliner Halloween Black Eyeliner to your eyes, put on black lipstick Halloween Black Lipstick and you’ll have the perfect combination for that natural “dead look” every Unhappily Ever After ghoulish character longs for!  “Once upon a time”, never looked so frightening!