Do You Have Your Costume Yet?

  • September 16, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

Still haven’t decided what to be for Halloween this year?  You do realize that there’s only 46 more days until Wednesday, October 31st, right?  And since most Halloween costume parties and costume contests at nightclubs are usually held the weekend before, you really only have 42 more days to find that one-of-a-kind, totally awesome, one that everyone will be talking about costume.  Now I’m sure a few of you might say that’s plenty of time to find a costume, but if you’re like me you’d better start looking now.  I’ll think to myself, “Wow 46 more days – I’ve got plenty of time to find something”.  Then before I know it, it’s down to 26 more days, then 16, then 6 more days and I’m paying extra for overnight shipping!  Did you know that Halloween Express has over 200 stores nationwide on top of having where you’ll find the largest selection of Halloween merchandise anywhere?  That’s a lot of stores!  Right from our website you can go to “store locator” and type in your zip code and you’ll get a list of all the Halloween Express stores in your area.  I typed in mine and five different stores popped up.  Don’t procrastinate, go out and check out all the different costumes that the stores carry.  At the very least, you can “just look” and get an idea of what all is out there in the form of costumes.  You might find something that you really like that is completely different that what you thought you wanted your costume to be. 

Take your children to one of our stores and let them see what all is out there.  I took mine last weekend and we were in there for over an hour.  The good part is that they had a great time trying on a bunch of different costumes, but the bad part was they couldn’t decide which one they wanted.  I suggested we go home write down all the costumes they tried on, let them call their friends and see which ones they like, then decide from there (because you know how important it is for all their friends to love their costume).  Of course, we still had to buy several decorations to bring home with us – we just couldn’t leave there empty-handed!  Plus I had them check out the website because in some cases the website will have costumes that the stores don’t (or maybe just have them in stock in cases where their out of stock at the store) or even vice-versa.  If you’re lucky enough to have a Halloween Express store in your area, go see for yourself, then come home and check out their website.  It’s always nicer to have more than one option of how and where you can buy your costume!

Good luck and have fun shopping!