Halloween Masks - They've Come a Long Way

  • September 18, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

Halloween masks have come a long way since I was little.  Do you remember the old plastic masks with the elastic band that went around your head?  I can still remember being a princess with my blue satin and white lace gown, my white gloves and princess wand - then that plastic face mask that my dad had to cut bigger eye and mouth holes out of so that I could see and breath!  I love watching old home videos my dad made of us growing up.  Anyway, one video was of my brothers and sisters and me at Halloween.  We were all jumping around and posing in our Halloween costumes for the camera when you see my brother John walk over to my other brother, Brian and pull his plastic Superman mask away from his face and then let it go only to have it snap back into his face with the help of the elastic band.  Well needless to say Brian wasn’t too happy.  As my dad pans out with the camera to get a shot of all our costumes, you can see Brian chasing after John screaming and that’s where the camera goes black.  My point is, those plastic masks that you would find yourself sweating in before you even began trick-or-treating were not the best idea (especially if you have a mean brother). 

These days you don’t have to worry about anyone “snapping” your mask on you because those plastic masks are a thing of the past.  Today you’ll find more elaborate full-headed latex masks that are extremely realistic looking from your favorite cartoon character to today’s political leaders.  Halloween Express carries animal masks, roman and medieval, humorous, horror, tv, movies and famous faces.  You can check them all out at Halloween Masks & Wigs

You’re guaranteed a good time (or a least an interesting time) when you go to a Halloween costume as President George W. Bush or Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, especially now with the Presidential race heating up.  Or maybe you’d rather be a former President Nixon, Washington or Regan.  Either way, no matter what political figure you portray I’m sure there will be plenty of “heated” topics of conversation.

Today’s latex masks are comfortable with plenty of eye and mouth space to see and breathe properly.  The horror masks are gruesome.  Horror Masks .   Throw on black clothes and a black cape and it would make a nice all over look with many of the horror masks.

Take a minute to look at our masks.  Believe me you’ll have a hard time deciding which direction to take your costume with so many different styles and pick from.