There Is No Halloween Without Candy!

  • September 20, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

Yesterday while out shopping with a friend of mine, we stopped in a candy store.  I hadn’t been in a candy store in a long time and it was so neat seeing all the old-time candy that I used to buy when I was little at the corner store for a penny.  Now it’s quite a bit more than that!  Wow, did that bring back memories – wax lips, candy buttons, wax bottles, pop rocks, marshmallow cones, razzles, pixy stix, now and later, and zotz (the hard candy that fizzes in the middle).  I wonder what my children will consider their old-time candy favorites when their older?  I do know that Halloween is a good time to get a taste of all your favorite candies.  You can always find something in that trick-or-treat bag that you like (of course, I have to sneak a peak when my kids aren’t looking)!

Speaking of candy, it’s so much easier if you have a nice big bowl to put the candy in that you’re giving out to the trick-or-treaters.  I like to mix all my candy together so that the children have a nice selection of candy to choose from.  A great bowl is Halloween Candy Bowl - it looks just like a witch’s cauldron, or maybe the candy bowl that has witches feet for legs Halloween Candy Bowl.

In the beginning of the trick-or-treat hours I usually give the candy out to each child, however as it gets closer to the end of the evening I’ll let the kids just reach in and grab whatever they want.  It always amazes me that most kids don’t grab a big handful but politely pick out a couple pieces of candy that they like.  I always wondered why people that aren’t going to be home leave a bowl of candy on their porch because you know that the first group of kids that go up (usually older kids) will dump the whole bowl into their bags.  A nice alternative to leaving a bowl of candy on your porch if you’re not going to be home is to just leave your candy with a neighbor for them to hand out.  My neighbor asked me to do that last year and I didn’t mind at all.  Believe me your candy will last a lot longer doing it that way than leaving it on your porch unattended.  My brother and his family live on a street where all the homes are on a little over an acre lot and have pretty big front yards.  Every Halloween all the neighbors put out big long tables in the cul-de-sac and a parent (or parents) from each house sits at the table with their bowl of candy and the trick-or-treaters just go down the line getting candy.  It’s a great idea for both the kids and adults because the kids don’t have so far to go to walk to each individual house and it’s a chance for the adults to get together and have fun.