The Official Countdown to Halloween

  • October 01, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

October is finally here and now the official countdown to Halloween can begin – 30 more days!  The weather could not be more perfect than it is today.  Beautiful blue skies, crisp air and the Autumn trees with their picturesque leaves ready to fall.  Ok, so you get the picture that I love Fall (was picturesque a little too much)??

Halloween is in the air!  Today we’re going over to our storage unit to get all our Halloween decorations out so we can begin the transformation of our home - inside and out.  My kids are so excited to help my husband decorate the outside of our house.  I’ll start decorating the inside while they tackle the yard. 

My favorite decorations inside or out are definitely anything that is animated.  I love having Count Dracula Count Dracula Halloween Prop standing in my foyer.  His eyes follow you as you walk past.  Or the Grim Reaper  Grim Reaper Halloween Prop  who’s lantern lights up and has that ghoulish presence in your entry way.  I even love the smaller props that shake or move as you walk past.  Check out all our animated props and decorations that will make your house one that all your neighbors will talk about this year at Animated Halloween Props and Decorations.

Decorating the outside of your house is so much fun.  You can make it as elaborate or simple as you want.  The one staple on our front porch every year is Mr. Pumpkin Head.  We did it at our house when I was growing up and I made sure to keep it a tradition with my family.  We take a pair of my husband’s old jeans and tie rubber bands around the bottom of the leg openings then stuff them with crumbled up newspaper.  Then we do the same with a long sleeved flannel shirt.  We put the pants on the porch swing then place the stuffed shirt on top making it look as if a body is sitting there.  Then we stuff the pant legs into a pair of work boots.  For the head we buy a plastic pumpkin and attach it to the top of the shirt by cutting a small hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and pulling some of the shirt through to anchor it.  Then the kids either put a baseball cap or a big floppy hat on the pumpkins head to give it that finished look.  It’s so easy and the kids like changing around the outfits every year.  Give it a try at your house this Halloween!