So Many Costumes - So Little Time

  • October 02, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

Today, there are so many great costumes to choose from when buying one for your child.  Characters from television shows, movies, cartoons, superheroes, pirates and the list goes on and on.  For Halloween, a lot of young children want to be whatever line of work their mom or dad may be in, such as a police officer, fireman, doctor, astronaut, etc…  Kids always look adorable going with one of these classic costumes.  It’s funny too, how when they put on that police officer or swat costume their whole personality changes and they are in that cool cop mode.  I remember when my son, Caden was four years old he went trick-or-treating as a ninja.  Let me tell you he was all about it!  In his mind he was the ultimate ninja warrior.  Of course when he started hitting his little sister with his nunchucks I had to quickly put a stop to that.  And believe me he didn’t feel very “warrior-like” sitting in the time out chair!

Halloween Express just received the new official Mr. Postman Letter Carrier costume for children.  If you haven’t seen this one yet, you have to check it out.  It is adorable!  It even has the hat and mailbag included with it.  Postman Letter Carrier Toddler Halloween Costume . While you’re at it, check out all our classic children’s costumes at Classic Halloween Costumes for Boys.   

Just think of all the wonderful, brave soldiers we have over in Iraq today (and all over the world for that matter).  We are so proud of them – and if you and I are proud of them just think how proud their children are!  So proud that I’m sure there will be a lot of “mini me’s” walking around on Halloween night dressed in Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Special Forces uniforms so that they can be just like their mom or dad.   Check out our military/law enforcement costumes for kids at Military and Law Enforcement Halloween Costumes.  They really are adorable!

You only have 29 more days until Halloween!  So get out to one of our stores or since you’re reading my blog you must be on our website – just click over to the costumes and see what you’re missing!