Hannah Montana Craze is Here

  • October 07, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

We’re getting closer and closer to Halloween night – only 24 more days!  I think a lot of people are getting a little nervous because they still haven’t decided what they want to be for Halloween.  They want to make sure they have plenty of time to order their costumes online and get it shipped to them before they need it, depending on whether they need it for a costume party or for trick-or-treating.  There are so many great costumes to pick from for both adults and children alike that it gets harder and harder each year to decide on that one perfect costume.  And believe me, younger kids have an even harder time deciding than the adults!  My sister called me yesterday all worried because her six year old little girl still hasn’t decided what she wants to be for Halloween.  For the longest time she wanted to be a Princess Bride, then it was a Cheerleader, but now since the whole Hannah Montana craze has started, she thinks she wants to be Hannah Montana, but she’s not for sure.  It’s funny, because my daughter Sydney is going through the same thing, although I think she’s pretty much made up her mind now on the “Mega Star” costume. Mega Star Halloween Costume    I told her we could put the blue colored iGlow hair gel Glow in the Dark Hair Gel in her hair and make her look like a real pop star. 

The top two children’s costumes this year are:

  1. Princess
  2. Spider-Man

There are so many variations of the children’s Princess costume I couldn’t even begin to tell you all of them. They range from your classic Princesses such as; Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White to the other end of the spectrum such as; Goth Princess,  Goth Princess Halloween CostumeSpinderella Child Halloween Costume, Devil Princess Halloween Costume  or Princess Vampire Halloween Costume  Check out our entire line of Princess costumes at  Princess Halloween Costumes.

Spider-Man has been a favorite for trick-or-treating for as long as I can remember.  He has got to be one of the coolest Super Heroes there is - with all his web slinging and building jumping.  Little boys love insects so the fact that they took a spider and made it into a Super Hero is right up their alley.  My son, Caden dressed as Spider Man two years ago for Halloween.  I just loved the costume because it came with the foam muscle chest built into the costume so when he put it on he felt as big and strong as if those were his real muscles.  He loved it!    Spiderman Halloween Costume   

Have you ordered your Halloween costume yet?