Cowboys and Indians

  • October 10, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

Growing up I remember my brother’s running around the backyard playing cowboy and Indians.  They would chase each other for hours with my older brother Brian playing the gun slinging cowboy and my younger brother Kyle chasing right behind him wearing his Indian war bonnet and waving around his precious tomahawk (talk about an accident waiting to happen).  Of course I always wanted to play the little Indian girl but there was no way they were going to let a girl play in their “manly” war game, especially their sister!

Today, children still play cowboy and Indians, and I believe our children’s children will play cowboy and Indians - it’s a rich part of our past heritage.  I just love to watch the old Western’s on television with the rugged cowboys in their leather duster and chaps.  The good guys always won! 

The blockbuster movie 3:10 to Yuma was just released in September to rave reviews.  It’s about a small-time rancher that agrees to hold a captured outlaw who's awaiting a train to go to court in Yuma.  It’s bringing the modern day cowboy back to the forefront just in time for Halloween season.  I think you’re going to be seeing a lot of cowboys (adults and children) at costume parties and out trick-or-treating this Halloween.

Then you had academy award winning movies like “The Last of the Mohicans” and “Dances With Wolves” in the early 90’s that had every child wanting to be an American Indian.  These were definitely two of my all time favorite movies ever!

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Let’s hear it for the Wild, Wild West!