You Can Be a Superhero!

  • October 15, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

How cool would it be to be a Superhero for a day?  Well, now you can - at least for Halloween.  What better character to play than one that has super powers and strength?  Ok, you might not get the super power thing, but you can still put on the costume and look just like the Superhero of your choice!  There are so many different costumes and sizes that just about everyone from a toddler to an adult can be a Superhero.  Because there’s so many to choose from they’re great for individual, couple and group costumes.  You could have a whole family of Superheroes – even your dog can find a superhero costume!

Wonder Woman:  For all you women out there that feel you play the role of Wonder Woman all the time with going to work, raising kids, doing the laundry, cleaning, making dinners, etc…, why not actually be Wonder Woman in full gear for the night and get the respect you deserve?    Wonder Woman Halloween Costume   

Supergirl:  This is the woman who keeps Superman in line.  Why should he get to have all the fun?  Super Girl Halloween Costume

Batgirl:  This is one sexy Batgirl costume!  Once again, Batman’s better half.  Bat Girl Halloween Costume

Masked Beauty:  If Zorro had a gorgeous seductive female counterpart this would be her.  Mystery Hero Halloween Costume

But, hey let’s not forget about the guys!  Besides your everyday fantastic Superheroes such as, Superman, Spiderman and Batman you have a few Superheroes you don’t hear about that often.  But believe me when you put on any of the following costumes, no one will be forgetting them any time soon.

Captain America  Captain America Halloween Costume

The Incredible Hulk   Hulk Halloween Costume 

Zorro  Zorro Halloween Costume

What’s great about these costumes is that most of them come in child sizes too.  Check out all our Superheroes costumes for adults/teens and children.  This Halloween you can be one of the good guys!