Toddler Halloween Costumes

  • October 16, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

Have you seen the new USPS letter carrier costume for toddler’s size 2-4?  Postman Toddler Halloween Costume   It is absolutely adorable!  Now, Halloween Express has a new toddler costume that just came out - a UPS driver costume. UPS Driver Toddler Halloween Costume   These two costumes are so cute and look just like the real thing.  You’re little girl or boy would look great in either of these costumes.  Ok, if you have twins, how cute would that be to have one go as a mailman and the other as a UPS driver?  You have to see these costumes!

My sister lives in Florida and she just bought the infant Snowman costume for her two year old son.  Snow Baby Infant Halloween Costume   I thought it was pretty appropriate since they live in Florida and the only way they’ll see a snowman is with a costume.  She loved it and couldn’t get over how cute it looked on him.  He’s a little buster and built close to the ground so when she put the costume on him the bottom of the snowball came to the tops of his shoes (which made it look even cuter).   When he put on the black top hat she couldn’t stop laughing.  He looked so cute!   I told her since they live in Florida she has to put sandals on him when he goes out trick-or-treating.  That would be the ultimate Florida snowman!  She’s also going to have him wear the costume for their Christmas cards this year which I think is a great idea!  I can’t wait to see them.  Last year for Halloween, he went as the Superhero Flash.  The Flash Newborn Halloween Costume   That was another great costume.  He wanted to wear it all the time even after Halloween.  He wouldn’t take it off!  It reminded me of the little boy in the movie Daddy Day Care. 

I could spend hours looking at all our toddler costumes.  That is such a great age for Halloween.  They’re still not real sure what Halloween’s about, but you put that costume on them and they’re out the door!  Plus add candy to the mix and it’s the best holiday ever!

Don’t forget there are only 15 more days until Halloween!  You don’t want your kids trick-or-treating with a sheet over their head dressed as the old “fall-back” ghost costume because you waited too long to order that one perfect costume they really, really wanted.  So what are you waiting for - start ordering!!