Scary Movie Night

  • October 17, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

Halloween is exactly two weeks from today!  That means there are only 14 days left before you have to put on your costume for trick-or-treating.  Unless, you’re heading to a costume party the Saturday before Halloween, then you have only 10 more days left before you have to put on that costume of yours.  The Halloween Express stores around the country are packed with people trying to find that one perfect costume.  The excitement is brewing and everyone is having fun getting ready for Halloween!  Buying costumes, decorating houses, getting all the candy “treats” together, going to pumpkin patches and haunted houses, carving pumpkins and the list goes on and on.  Halloween is a time of year for pretending and make believe – a time when we can all feel like children again!

This weekend is a good time to get together with friends and have a “movie night”.  Have everyone bring appetizers with a Halloween theme and pick a scary movie to watch.  Here are some recently released horror movies on DVD:

  • 28 Weeks Later
  • Vacancy
  • The Reaping
  • Planet Terror

Or you could just go with the “tried and true” horror flicks such as:

  • The Exorcist
  • Rosemary’s Baby
  • The Omen
  • The Amityville Horror
  • Halloween

Instead of adult horror films, you can change the theme to accommodate children and make it a family “movie night”.  We do this every year and the kids love it!  Remember, kids grow up so fast so take advantage of the fact that they will still sit with you and watch a movie!  Here are a few great Halloween shows that children love:

  • Hocus Pocus (my all time favorite)
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • Halloweentown & Halloweentown II – Kalabar’s Revenge
  • Casper
  • Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie

October 31st is almost here and the “creepy” feeling around my house is getting all of us in the mood for Halloween.  Our “driveway of doom” is ready (see my blog dated August 21st) and the yard is officially a ghostly graveyard.   The kids and I are looking forward to some sugary candy this year – I’m hoping they’ll be good about sharing.
If you haven’t bought your costume yet, take this time to check out our website.  If you’re reading this then you’re already here, so click on the costume category that interest you and go for it!