Horror Film Series - Saw

  • October 27, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

The horror movie “Saw IV” was released yesterday just in time for Halloween.  It’s the fourth installment in the popular Saw horror film series.  The fourth film's release date follows the series tradition that the films be released the Friday before Halloween of each year. Like all good horror films it’s full of suspense and plenty of blood and gore. This installment continues the story of the John Kramer (aka: Jigsaw Killer), and his obsession with teaching people the value of their own lives. My nephew and his friends went to see it as soon as they got out of school yesterday and loved it.  The initial reviews for Saw IV have been really good:

  • will please any fan of the franchise 
  • has everything you’d ever want from a Saw film 
  • will really bring it full circle
  • best of the lot
  • gory and twisted

Previously released Saw movies:

  • Saw – released 2004
  • Saw II – released 2005
  • Saw III – released 2006

There is said to be two more installments (Saw V & VI) of the Saw horror series in the works.  I’m sure my nephews will be glad to hear about that!

Well, off the subject of movies and onto the fun subject of Halloween Party’s!  I’m sure many people will be getting their costumes on tonight and going out to parties and the clubs.  If you’re planning on entering a costume contest – good luck!  I’m sure if you’re wearing one of our wonderful costumes you’ll be holding that 1st place prize before the nights over.  Have fun and remember to be safe!