Halloween Traditions

  • October 28, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

I hope everyone is recuperating well from their night out at Halloween parties, contests, and club-hopping in your costumes.  With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year and being right in the middle of the week there are actually quite a few costume parties the Saturday after Halloween too.  Which gives you twice the fun of getting to go to two costume parties instead of just one this year.  However, if you’re feeling really bad this morning after a long night of ghostly celebration you might think about cutting back on the “spooky cider” at your next party!

In my blog a few days ago I talked about how every Halloween it’s a tradition at our house to have the whole family over before the trick-or-treating starts and order several large pizzas so that the kids get a chance to eat something quick before they’re out the door and running!   I just happened to notice in the paper this morning a big article on how pizza has become the new “Halloween dinner”.  It is among the top five nights of the year for home deliveries along with - the day before Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Super Bowl Sunday.  So apparently it’s not just a tradition in our household!

Another tradition we have is going to the pumpkin patch and letting the kids pick out their own perfect pumpkin to carve.  Today is probably the last day that a lot of the pumpkin patches and farms will be open, so get out there and find yourself a pumpkin.  It’s actually a good idea to wait until the weekend before Halloween to carve your pumpkin.  That way it still looks nice and plump instead of mushy after sitting outside for a couple weeks.

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