Super Bowl Sunday

  • January 31, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Are you ready for some football?!  This Sunday, February 3 my husband will be like millions of other football fans, sitting in front of our tv, a buffalo wing in one hand and a beer in the other watching Super Bowl XLII between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.  If you love football, there is no better way to spend Sunday!  I do enjoy watching football games, especially if my favorite team is playing (which by the way didn't happen this year).  But, no matter what teams are playing in the Super Bowl it's one game that everyone watches.  I'll admit though, my favorite part of the Super Bowl is watching the commercials!  I love them!  I'm looking forward to seeing what the big advertisers come up with this year.  I think the Budweiser commercials are my favorite!  This year it's not going to be too hard actually watching the game though because as every female out there knows - it's not hard on the eyes to watch Tom Brady and Eli Manning play football!  The traditional Super Bowl Party is probably the least fussy, most laid-back party you can host all year.  So there is no point in holding anything back! Go all out and serve everyone's favorite high fat, finger-licking snack foods. After all, your television set is the focal point, not the food. Wings, subs, pizza and chili are just some of the easily prepared (or even easier - ordered) foods that people love to eat at Super Bowl party's.  Throw a basket of chips or pretzels around and your set.  Although don't forget you have to have plenty of beer to wash down all that food. I don't have a favorite in Sunday's big game which will make it easy for me to sit back relax and enjoy the festivities.  Here's to Super Bowl XLII!! Oh, and don't forget ... Tuesday is FAT TUESDAY.  You still have time to get that Mardi Gras mask online!