Happy Presidents' Day!

  • February 18, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Happy Presidents' Day!  Did you know that Presidents' Day is celebrated to honor two of our greatest President's, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  The holiday is celebrated every year in the United States on the third Monday in February. I know the kids love Presidents' Day because they are off school and what better way to get a kid to enjoy a holiday than to tell them they get the day off school.  It's an automatic win-win situation for everybody!  Some schools (such as the New York City school district) used to close for a single day for both Lincoln's and Washington's birthday, but now often close for the entire week beginning with the Monday holiday as a "mid-winter recess".  My children just have today off, but I'll tell you what - if they could get the whole week off, Presidents' Day would run a close second to Christmas!