The All Important Coloring of the Easter Egg

  • March 04, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Every year at Easter one of the most important traditions at our house has always been the coloring of the Easter eggs.  The kids love it!  My daughters Olivia and Sydney are in it for the long run.  They start early Saturday morning, the weekend before Easter, by getting all the eggs boiled and cooled.   We always color two dozen eggs so that the kids each get to color eight eggs each.   The kitchen table is transformed into their very own egg coloring craft table so that everyone has plenty of room.  But most importantly (and I have learned this the hard way over the years) we always have three boxes of Paas Easter Egg Coloring Dyes so that no one gets accused of "hogging" any specific color and they each have their own colors and crayon to design with. The girls always go for the bright spring colors and of course they have to be perfect, while Caden my son tends to dip his egg into as many colors as possible for a darker color.  The crayon that comes with the kits always gives them plenty of different ways to decorate their egg before dipping them into the color.  Once all the eggs are done, which can take up to an hour to achieve perfection in egg coloring with youngsters, they put them in a basket on the kitchen table for all to see.