Spring Break Florida Style

  • March 25, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday.  I had my family over for a big ham dinner and everyone had a really nice time.  The best part for the kids was the Easter egg hunt we do every year.  There is one "golden" egg that we hide for the older children that has a $50 bill in it and it's hidden so well in the backyard that it's always the last to be found.  My nephew Taylor found it this year.  It worked out well for him because he's getting ready to go to Panama City for Spring Break with some of his friends and of course who couldn't use some extra cash for that!  Speaking of spring break - my children are off school next week for theirs.  We're not going any where this year so I've decided to take them someplace fun each day, even just for a day at the local park so they can run off some energy and play with their friends.  It seems the younger they are the easier it is to entertain them!  My brother has a daughter that is a senior in high school and she's going to Florida with some of her friends for the week.  His wife is actually going too with a couple of the other moms and staying at a hotel a little further up the beach.   I remember going to Daytona Beach my senior year with a bunch of my friends and we had a great time just laying on the beach all day and walking up and down the strip at night meeting so many kids from other schools.   Back then it was all innocent fun and none of us got in any trouble.  But I'll tell you what, I am not looking forward to my kids heading off to Florida for their spring breaks when they're in college.  Just watching MTV and seeing how wild college spring breaks are now makes me a little nervous.  It's a whole different ball game now!  Although thankfully I've got plenty of time to worry about that since my oldest boy Caden is only eight years old.  My brother and sister both have children in high school and college this year.  While they're freaking out about letting their kids go, I just say "don't worry they'll be fine".  However, when it's my turn to let my kids go to Florida for spring break when they're older you can bet I'll be freaking out!