Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

  • March 27, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Tuesday was the opening day of one of our nation's favorite pastimes - baseball!  The game between the Red Sox and A's, which was played in Japan, is apparently a very positive event for the game of baseball.  From everything I've read, Major League Baseball's decision to hold opening day in Japan is another step in successfully growing the game internationally.  Opening day is always exciting for the Major League Baseball season.  Every team starts off with the same record and every fan jumps on the bandwagon in hopes that their team will go all the way this year (although everyone knows that a "true" fan never jumped off the bandwagon to begin with - even if their team was doing badly)!  Monday, March 31 is the opening day game for my favorite team - the Cincinnati Reds.  They play against they Arizona Diamondbacks and it will be a great game!  Our weather is finally warming up and it's going to be a beautiful spring day in Cincinnati.  Every year my husband and some of his friends take off work and make a day of it by going to lunch down on the river and then walking across the bridge to see the Reds play their opening day game.  If you've got an opening day game coming up, be sure to check out all of our baseball costumes and accessories - you'll be the life of the party!