Tom Arma - "The Armani of the Kiddy Costume World"

  • May 29, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
For any parent that is looking for the most adorable costume for their pre-school aged child whether it's for Halloween or something else, you have got to check out the Tom Arma line of animal costumes sold exclusively through Halloween Express. Tom Arma is known as "the most published baby photographer in the world" by the New York Times.  He began his photographic career as a teenager with the New York Daily News as their youngest staff photographer.  After years of daily deadlines he decided to leave the world of journalism to open his own studio.  In 1972 he began his work with babies and loved that he could capture the totally uninhibited beauty of a child through his work. Besides the fact that there isn't a child out there that wouldn't look absolutely adorable in one of his heirloom quality designs, there's so much more to Tom Arma than just costumes.  To express his ecological concerns, Tom has partnered with the National Wildlife Federation.  When you buy one of his Signature Collection costumes it comes with an animal package insert called "critter facts" so you and your child can learn more about how to promote conservation awareness for the animal your child will be portraying with the costume. He has also created a "Please Save the Animals" series of posters, greeting cards and calendars that is a huge success worldwide.  He now has 47 books published and his costumes have been featured on Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kelly, CNN Headline News, The Today Show, MSN and ABC News. So if you have a pre-school aged child and want that one-of-a-kind costume that everyone will love, Tom Arma is exactly what you're looking for.  Believe me, they are the "cutest" costumes out there today! Be sure to check out the 2008 Tom Arma Baby and Toddler of the Year phot contest here at  Moms and Dads across the country can submit pictures of their baby or toddler in an ANIMAL THEMED COSTUME  for a chance to become the 2008 Tom Arma Baby or Toddler of the Year!  Don't miss it!

Who Doesn't Love Barbie?

  • May 23, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Last night as I was fixing dinner I heard my youngest daughter Olivia talking up a storm in the other room.  Since I knew her sister Sydney was outside on the swing set I was curious as to who she was carrying on a conversation with.  As I looked around the corner I was amazed to see how she had set up her own little "Barbie" neighborhood complete with Barbie and friends.  She had the Barbie Dream House, Barbie Surf's-Up Pool and of course no neighborhood would be complete without the pink Barbie Cruiser!  We've had these Barbie toys for a few years now, but Olivia and Sydney (like a lot of little girls) never get tired of playing with them.  I'm sure they will be playing with them for years to come too!  I can remember playing with my barbie's for hours on end when I was little.  Besides playing with their Barbie dolls, every little girl loves to dress up as Barbie.  There are so many adorable Barbie outfits that I usually pick up a few different ones and let the girls mix and match all the accessories as they like.   As far as Barbie costumes, you can't go wrong with the Princess Bride, Cheerleader, Fairytopia, Swan Lake, Sorceress or Rapunzel just to name a few.   Here at Halloween Express we have a whole line of Barbie costumes and accessories that any child would love!  Plus the cool thing is that Barbie costumes aren't just for Halloween.  Little girls love to play dress up everyday! 

Memorial Day Weekend

  • May 19, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Wow can you believe that we only have twelve more days left in the month of May?  June will be here before you know it bringing with it the much anticipated time of year that every school aged child loves - Summer!  Memorial Day weekend is coming up in a few short days and in my mind that officially marks the beginning of summer for me.  I love throwing a big pool party for my friends and family and celebrating with a backyard barbeque.  The big city parade goes right down my sister's street, so every year on Memorial Day we head over there with our lawn chairs and american flag decorations.  The kids decorate the front yard with dozens of plastic flags and streamers.  The younger children always wear patriotic costumes that have been handed down from the older ones.  It's sort of a traditional right of passage in our family.  The girls go as USA cheerleaders with the red, white and blue pom-poms or they dress up as the miniature version of the Statue of Liberty.  The boys are all about it in their Uncle Sam costumes or dressed up in army camoflauge to show support for our troops.  The children love it and it's so good for them to really understand what the "holiday" is all about.  The fact that they get lots of candy thrown to them from the people in the parade helps too!  We've been doing it for years and everyone from the neighbors to the parade goers love to see the costumes as much as we do. Happy Memorial Day!

It's Never Too Early To Look!

  • May 16, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Although Halloween is still five months away, it's never to early to start looking around and getting some ideas for what your children might like to be this year.  As parents, we all know that of course your child will have changed his/her mind at least a dozen times before the Halloween season is even upon us, but it's still nice to throw some ideas out to them in advance. Your best bet with toddler's to grade school-aged children is usually Disney or Nickelodeon characters. Believe me, you won't find a child out there that hasn't seen a Disney or Nickelodeon show and they usually know every character by heart.  And as usual there's always a blockbuster summer movie coming out that will peak your child's interest, there always is.  If you're like me, I find it intersting to see what the National Retail Federation reports as their "top 10 children's costumes" every year.  Here's the list of what was most popular among children in 2007:
  1. Princess
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Pirate
  4. Witch
  5. Fairy
  6. Disney Princess
  7. Star Wars Character
  8. Pumpkin
  9. Ghost
  10. Power Ranger
So start talking to your children now and see what kind of costume they're interested in for this Halloween season.  Since kids love to actually see what the costumes look like, let them check out the costumes here at Halloween Express.  I'm sure they'll find something they love!

You Can't Go Wrong With a "Theme" Party!

  • May 13, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
A couple weeks ago I wrote about throwing an awesome graduation party for your son or daughter with the Hawaiian Luau theme.  Since a lot of high school and college graduations are right around the corner I thought I'd throw out a few more ideas for some great themed parties that everyone will enjoy! Mardi Gras - you can't go wrong with this party theme and as they say, Mardi Gras in New Orleans is known as "the biggest party in the world".  Decorations, music and costumes are all part of this theme.   You'll have fun decorating with all the festive colors of Mardi Gras in royal purple, emerald green and shiny gold.  Instead of with the Hawaiian Luau theme of putting a lei around the neck of your guests as they arrive, with Mardi Gras you would greet your guests with a string of beads or even a really cool feather mask.  Mexican Fiesta - the word fiesta means "a festive celebration" and that's exactly what a graduation party should be.  You can greet your guest senoritas and senoras with colorful sombreros.  The colors of the Mexican flag of red, white and green are ideal when decorating for the party.  Christmas lights around your deck gives the party a festive ambiance.  Pick up some Mexican ponchos, maracas and of course a Mexican fiesta would not be complete with a pinata!    You'll find everything you need here at Halloween Express.  We have all your Mardi Gras and Mexican Fiesta party costumes, decorations and accessories that you'll need to throw the graduation party of the year!  

Happy Mother's Day!

  • May 09, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
This Sunday, May 11th is Mother's Day so I want to wish all those wonderful, hard-working mother's and soon to be mother's out there a "Happy Mother's Day"!  Sit back, relax and enjoy the day.  Ok, so that's easier said than done sometimes, but you should definitely give it a try.  Every year on the Saturday before Mother's Day we have my whole family over for a cookout to celebrate Mother's Day plus ring in the summer (a little early) by opening the pool and letting all the kids swim.  At least that's always our plan, but with the weather you never know what you're going to get this time of year.  I always thought the saying went, "April Showers Bring May Flowers" but apparently this year Mother Nature didn't get that memo!  It's been raining all week and is supposed to keep raining into the weekend.  We'll still have our cookout because the outside deck is covered,  but I think the swimming might just have to wait until our Memorial Day Weekend party.   I love having the party on Saturday because even though it's for Mother's Day there's still a lot of planning, organizing and cleaning up that goes into it, so that makes Sunday my day to really relax and do nothing.  Happy Mother's Day!

Aloha High School Seniors!

  • May 01, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Well, we're officially into the month of May.  Hopefully the old saying, "April showers brings May flowers" is true because I'm sick of the rain and ready to get outside and start getting my yard ready for summer.  May is always a very important month for a lot of high school seniors out there getting ready for graduation! Senioritis is kicking in and I'm pretty sure they're ready to move on.  Their four long hard years of high school are finally coming to an end (little do they know that compared to the "real" world, those last four years were a piece of cake)! The big thing on their mind right now is, "where are all the graduation party's going to be"?  If you're thinking about throwing the ultimate graduation party for your son or daughter then the "Hawaiian Luau" theme is just what you're looking for!  Of course no tropical party would be complete without Hawaiian costumes and at Halloween Express you'll find every style of costume with that tropical flare.  No Luau would be complete without the grass hula skirt and coconut bra!  You can play games and have a hula hoop and/or limbo contest.  It's so much fun and the kids will love it! Check out all our Hawaiian Luau costumes and accessories we have to offer at Halloween Express!