Happy Mother's Day!

  • May 09, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
This Sunday, May 11th is Mother's Day so I want to wish all those wonderful, hard-working mother's and soon to be mother's out there a "Happy Mother's Day"!  Sit back, relax and enjoy the day.  Ok, so that's easier said than done sometimes, but you should definitely give it a try.  Every year on the Saturday before Mother's Day we have my whole family over for a cookout to celebrate Mother's Day plus ring in the summer (a little early) by opening the pool and letting all the kids swim.  At least that's always our plan, but with the weather you never know what you're going to get this time of year.  I always thought the saying went, "April Showers Bring May Flowers" but apparently this year Mother Nature didn't get that memo!  It's been raining all week and is supposed to keep raining into the weekend.  We'll still have our cookout because the outside deck is covered,  but I think the swimming might just have to wait until our Memorial Day Weekend party.   I love having the party on Saturday because even though it's for Mother's Day there's still a lot of planning, organizing and cleaning up that goes into it, so that makes Sunday my day to really relax and do nothing.  Happy Mother's Day!