Big Weekend of Fireworks and Superheroes!

  • July 02, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
I hope everyone has big plans this weekend to get out, enjoy the beautiful summer weather and see some amazing fireworks!  This year Fourth of July is on Friday, but I think most of the party's will be on Saturday the 5th.  Saturday's are always easier especially if you're the one throwing the party.  After a long day of work on Friday the last thing you want to do is come home and throw a party.  However, it's always easier if someone else is throwing the party and your just going to relax and have fun, then a Friday party is fine!  The best deal with this on the Fourth of July is usually your neighborhood park or community center because there's always some planned picnic and firework show to enjoy.  Not only is the weekend going to be busy with Fourth of July celebrations, but Wednesday July 2nd is going to be a big day at the theaters.  The movie "Hancock" starring Will Smith is being released that day and by all the talk from movie goers it's going to be a big summer blockbuster hit!  He plays a hard-living superhero that has fallen out of favor with the public until the day he saves the life of a man and realizes he may have a vulnerable side after all.   The tagline is;  "There are heroes, there are superheroes and then there's Hancock".  And you know how much we love those superheroes at Halloween Express, right?