You Can Be President for a Day!

  • July 08, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend!  We had a lot of rain during the day on Friday so it put a little damper on the pool party, but at least it cleared up enough in the evening for the neighborhood fireworks show to go off as planned.   The kids figured you get wet when you swim anyway so they spent most of the day swimming in the rain and had a blast.  The next holiday in line is Labor Day on the first of September then of course on to my favorite - Halloween!  Actually in approximately 115 days it will be Halloween.  I know that sounds really far off now, but as we all know time flies and before you know it Labor Day will have come and gone and we'll be heading into October. With the political race for the US President in full swing you can bet we'll see a lot of people dressing up as Barack O'Bama and John McCain this Halloween season.  Whether you're voting for your favorite Republican nominee or favorite Democratic nominee all you need is the full vinyl mask that you'll find here at Halloween Express, add to that a suit and tie and you're set!   It's really a very simple costume that will make a big statement this year.  By October the Presidential race will be hotter than ever!  If it's Presidential masks you're looking for, but would rather step back a year or two, or six or ten then don't let that stop you.  Check out our Bill and Hillary Clinton masks or Richard Nixon and Ronald Regan.  For a more up-to-date look you could always go with the current President George Bush Jr mask.


 No matter which Presidential mask you choose just remember to have fun this Halloween season.  Just because you're President for the night doesn't mean you have to act like one!