Soccer Mom to Homerun Hottie With One Costume!

  • July 27, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
OK ladies this one's for you!  I know the sports world is dominated by the men (or so they think), but this Halloween I think it's time we showed them that we've got what it takes to take sports costumes to an all new level! Growing up with older brothers I somehow always managed to end up being a baseball or football player for Halloween.  Back then I just threw on my brothers uniform, put a little black junk under my eyes and away I went.  Today it's a whole new ballgame - no pun intended!  Not only can you dress up as a baseball or football player but also as a race car driver and even a referee.  However, the fun part is that every costume is geared toward making woman look and feel sexy even while wearing your average baseball uniform (well maybe not your "average" uniform)! With costume names like these they're bound to get attention!  So go on ladies, shake things up a bit this Halloween and have some fun!  Believe me the guys will never look at sports the same again!