Spooktacular Yard Decorating!

  • August 08, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Even though the Halloween season is still a couple months away, already the stores are displaying all their haunted decorations and accessories.  Labor Day will be here in a little over three weeks, school will once again be in session and Halloween will be at the top of everyones priority list.  Now is a great time to start picking up little odds and ends for decorating your front yard.  Just like with costumes and parties, it's easier to decorate your yard if you have a theme to go by.  You can use individual theme ideas such as;
  • The Graveyard - the most important prop of this theme is definitely tombstones - all shapes and sizes.¬† Tilting a few of them will give the graveyard an old and delapidated look.¬† Let your grass grow a little higher than usual giving it an unkept effect. Skeletons are another great prop.¬† What would a eerie graveyard be without a few skeletons lying about?¬† Hang some from the trees or drape them over the tombstones.¬†
  • The Haunted Woods - this theme works well if you have a lot of trees in your front yard.¬†¬†Hang big¬†spiders and bats from the tree limbs and spread¬†cobwebs from the branches.¬† The grim reaper standing in the middle of the yard will¬†add to the scare factor and give it a sinister look.¬† Place jack-o-lanterns with creepy faces cut out¬†in different areas of the yard included the porch, insert a pumpkin strobe light into the jack-o-lantern.¬†¬†
No matter what your decorating theme, every yard haunt needs two very important accessories to give it a truly haunted effect, a fog machine and scary music.  Every year we have both of these and I'm telling you it's perfect!  Every one that walks by slows down just to make sure it's safe to walk to the front door.   Darkness, fog and eerie music - what could be more perfect for Halloween night?!