You Go Girl!

  • September 08, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
With Disney shows such as High School Musical, Hannah Montanna, The Cheetah Girls and Camp Rock it's no wonder that a lot of little girls dream of growing up to be a popstar diva.  I know first hand that my daughter's Sydney and Olivia love to watch all these shows and can't get to their karaoke microphone fast enough.  At the time we bought the microphone we thought it would be "cute" to watch them sing and dance in their room, however we were in for a rude awakening if we thought they would just dance and sing in their room and not the entire house!  My son, Caden begs them to stop just moments before he flings the closest not nailed down piece of furniture that he can reach.  But girls have to be girls and that means the more Caden complains the louder their singing becomes until finally mom has to step in!  The Disney shows make it fun for them to dance and sing and of course they know all the words to every song on every show.  I think it's great and I love to watch them perform (I just need to keep them away from the rec room when Caden is trying to play his Xbox). Girls love all the flashy outfits worn by all the teen pop stars.  The more glitter the better!  Last year for Halloween my 7-year old niece went as a Mega Child Star in full sequened and feathered costume including a cute (but fake) wireless headset microphone.  She looked adorable and thought she was just the coolest thing ever to grace their neighborhood while trick-or-treating.   This year is no different with High School Musical 3: Senior Year coming out right before Halloween and Disney's recently released television show Camp Rock.  Kids are eating this up!   At Halloween Express we have a huge selection of "pop diva costumes"  so that every girl can feel like a rock star this Halloween!