The Eyes Have It!

  • September 12, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Have you ever been getting ready for Halloween, you put your costume on with all the bells and whistles and just felt like something is missing?  You look in the mirror and see Cat Woman in full glory staring back at you with your fitted black catsuit, black leather boots and sleek cat mask but still something is missing?   What if you added just a small thing like green "reptile" contact lenses to your eyes?  Even if you don't wear contacts you can still wear these great special effects Halloween inspired lenses.  They change the entire look and color of your eyes.  It's the perfect accessory to complete the look you're going for with any costume.  No more feeling of "somethings missing" when you put on these contact lenses - just WOW! What a great way to freak people out at your annual Halloween party this year!  These contact lenses give your eyes such depth and overall creepy appeal that no one will be able to take their eyes off you.  What a great way to grab attention and be the talk of the costume party!  Here at we have thirty different special effects contacts therefore giving you a huge selection to choose from.  Whether your looking to give your costume a more seductive, eerie or playful look you'll find them here.   This year make the most of your costume by adding our special effects contact lenses.  All eyes will be on you!