It's a Hawaiian Luau!

  • October 10, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Have you ever wanted to go to a Hawaiian Luau but never got the chance?  Well now you can bring an authentic Hawaiian Luau right to your own home!  For a theme party event, the Hawaiian Luau is by far the most popular.  You have so much to pick from in the way of costumes, accessories and makeup.  For the people who live in the Hawaiian Islands a luau is a gathering of family and friends to enjoy good food, good company and good times.  The luau should be relaxing and fun with a "hang loose" atmosphere. At we have everything you need for the perfect Hawaiian Luau.  Of course the most important thing is your attire. 

The hula skirt comes in different colors:


Something for the whole family:


You'll also need Hawaiian Luau accessories such as; a coconut bra, plenty of Hawaiian leis, and authentic makeup for the ultimate Hawaiian Luau!  You'll find all this and much more at