Ready For Those Santa Pictures?

  • December 12, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Only 13 more days until Christmas!  Everyone is running around frantic trying to get all their shopping done and taking the kids to get pictures with Santa.   Now most children love to sit on Santa's lap, reciting to him everything they want for Christmas with big smiles on their faces.  However, if your children are anything like mine (and many others I've seen over the years), sitting on Santa's lap for that perfect holiday picture is anything but perfect! Don't you just love waiting in line for hours to get your children's picture taken with Santa Claus?  Then when it's finally your turn your daughter is hanging on to you for dear life begging you not to put her on Santa's lap.  When the elves finally snap the picture it's of your daughter sitting on Santa's lap, a look of pure fear in her tear-filled eyes, her arms reaching out to you and all the while that beautiful Christmas dress (that you paid a fortune for) looks nothing like it did when you put it on her that morning!  It's funny how kids will wait in line all that time knowing that Santa is there and watching all the other children sit on his lap for pictures, but when you finally get to the front of the line and it's their turn, they freeze!  Well last year I decided I couldn't take it any more and didn't want to put my daughter (or me) through it again.  My older daughter and son never had a problem with getting their picture taken with Santa, but my youngest, Olivia wanted nothing to do with it.  So we bought a great Santa Suit from and our problems were solved!  John, a good friend of ours donned the Santa Suit, knocked on our door one evening and Olivia loved it!  I guess it was the fact that she was in her own house and felt safe, but she jumped up onto his lap and told Santa everything she wanted for Christmas.  The older children loved it too and the pictures we got were perfect!  So this year if your kids aren't crazy about visiting Santa at the mall, get one of the amazing Santa Suits from  Their costumes come in velvet, velour, plush and even flannel.  Don't forget your padding for your Santa Costume too!