Spring Break - Florida Style!

  • February 20, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
Well, it's that time of the school year again that the children love - spring break!  While parents are busy putting the finishing touches on their travel plans the kids are busy counting down the days.  This year we've decided to take the kids to Florida with a big group of our friends and their children. Because flying is so expensive, especially with three kids, we're packing up the minivan and heading south.  Of course my husband had to pick a city in Florida that is just about as far south as you can go on the Gulf side, Ft Myers Beach.  From our house the drive can take as much as 18 hours or as little as 15 depending on who's driving.  My husband likes to drive straight through with minimal stopping, however I enjoy stopping for actual dinners, not just drive thru's.  When you have three kids in the car you have to stop and let them stretch their legs and get some of the energy out or else the end up taking all that energy out on each other while we're driving.  And just like his father before him, my husbands favorite line while driving is, "Don't make me turn this car around."  By now the kids are pretty familiar with this line and knowing that he really won't stop when we're closer to our destination than home, it doesn't really have much affect. This year's Spring break will put us in Ft Myers the week of St Patrick's Day.  It works out perfectly because I can still have our annual family party the weekend before we leave.  A couple that is going with us love St. Patrick's Day and want to throw a party on the beach while we're there for the kids.  They'll love it and it will be great letting the kids get in on all the fun.  HalloweenExpress.com has everything you'll need to throw the best party.  St. Patrick's Day costumes, accessories and decorations galore are right at your fingertips!