More Superheroes Coming Our Way!

  • March 06, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
Today is the big release of the superhero movie Watchmen.  Every comic book fanatic is looking forward to this movie since it's based on the 1986-87 comic book limited series Watchmen.  Set in 1985 the film follows a group of former vigilantes as tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union are high and the Doomsday Clock is set at five minutes to midnight.  Former superhero turned vigilante Rorschach discovers that one of his former colleagues has been murdered.  Upon investigating the murder he uncovers a plot that is intent on killing all past and present vigilantes.    The superheroes/vigilantes in this film are:
  • Rorschach
  • The Comedian
  • Dr. Manhattan
  • Silk Spectre II
  • Nite Owl II
  • Ozymandias
I always love a movie where the good guys win and I'm sure this is no different although you'll have to see the movie to know for sure! Superheroes are some of the biggest selling costumes at Halloween.  For a little boy it's so cool to dress as a superhero, cape and all.  Now that there are some great superhero females, little girls are right up there with them. is the only place you'll find the biggest selection on all the best superhero costumes for men, women, boys, girls, toddlers and even infants. 

Don't wait, become a superhero today!