Not Your Everyday Easter Bunny!

  • March 16, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
With Spring right around the corner people everywhere are getting ready for the Easter Bunny.  Kids are getting their baskets ready and coloring Easter eggs.  Pretty soon the Easter Bunny will be at your local mall and your kids are going to want to be there getting their pictures taken.  Or for an easier way of doing it for mom just buy an Easter Bunny costume from and have a friend wear it over to your house and surprise the kids by having the Easter Bunny come to them! Ok, so you know the story of Peter Cotontail and all the original Easter shows, but this year I think we girls should put a little twist on the old Easter Bunny look.  Of course we'll keep the tried and true Easter Bunny for our children, but maybe you want to try something different and exciting for your significant other.  Make this Easter one holiday that your husband won't soon forget. 

Become a sexy bunny right before his eyes. 

At you'll find a great selection of sexy bunny costumes.  From your classic Playboy Bunny costume to a sexy French Maid Bunny costume.  Your husband will love it!  The bunny costumes are great and it's just one less costume you'll have to buy at Halloween because you can wear it then as well.   So what are you waiting for??