Easter Egg Mania!

  • March 30, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell


There are so many fun things to do as a family during the Easter holiday and a lot of it has to do with eggs!  The annual Easter egg hunt at the local park, the annual Easter egg hunt for the family in the backyard and the coloring of Easter eggs are the three most important things on my kids Easter "to do " list. I love coloring Easter eggs and can remember doing it with my brothers and sisters when I was little.  It was a big deal then and still is today with my children.  I buy three dozen eggs (one for each child) and after boiling and cooling them, the fun begins.  I'm still pretty old fashioned when it comes to coloring eggs.  I like the tried-and-true Paas Easter Egg coloring kit where you drop a colored tab in a mixture of water and vinegar and use the bendable egg holder to drop it in and get it out when it's done.  I love the wax crayon that comes with it so the kids can write their names on the eggs before dropping them into the color.  Today though there are so many different ways to color eggs.  We've tried them all, but my favorite is still Paas. The city park always has a big Easter egg hunt every year and the kids love it.  It's a lot of fun to go to but can be overwhelming for the little ones.  When they tear away the ribbon and all the kids take off it's mayhem!  But the kids love it and the parents are all cheering them on from the sidelines (and of course telling them where the eggs are).  My favorite part is the Easter Bunny himself.  The same "Easter Bunny" has been doing it for years and he is wonderful with the children.  It's the most amazing Easter Bunny costume and you'll never believe where they got it??  Of course...HalloweenExpress.com!  Another fun Easter egg hunt is the one we have for all my children, nieces and nephews at our house every Easter.  We have a big Easter party later on in the day so that all the kids have plenty of time to get their Easter baskets at home and have time to enjoy playing with their treats.  Also there's always Easter mass on Easter morning to go to.  Once everyone is here the kids all go downstairs while the adults hide a ton of those plastic Easter eggs with different things in them all over the backyard.  For the little ones, it's candy and for the older kids of course nothing would do but cold hard cash.  It's all small amounts, some eggs with ten cents other eggs with $1 or $5.  It's always so much fun watching them take off and find the eggs.  Each child gets the same amount of eggs so that we don't hear, "That's not fair!"  So this Easter try a little "egg" fun!  Whether it's coloring them or hiding them around the yard, the kids will really be glad you did!