April Fools, April Showers and April Races!

  • April 03, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
Wednesday was April 1st or better known as April Fools Day (or All Fools Day).  A big day in the calendar year for all you jokesters out there to play pratical jokes on your family and friends.  Did you kow that in some countries such as; UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa the jokes only last until noon?  After that anyone who plays a trick on someone is call an "April Fool".  Of course in the US, Ireland and France the pranks last all day!  So if you're still in that "prankster" mood check out all the great pranks and gags accessories at HalloweenExpress.com.  There's something to scare the living daylights out of just about everyone you know!

Today is Friday, April 3rd and there's only one more Friday (Good Friday) to go before Easter.  Spring is in the air and the tulips are in full bloom.  Another thing in the air is rain - lots of it!  I guess the old adage is true "April showers bring May flowers".  It started storming last night and is still raining outside now.  I do love to sleep in a good thunderstorm, though.  I do hate when the lights go out during storms but at night when you're getting ready to go to bed it's dark anyway, so I don't mind if we lose electricity at night.  Today is also the first day of live racing at Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky.  They only have live racing (actual horses running on the track) during April and November.  My nephew goes to the University of Kentucky and a big group of them are all heading over to see the horses and place their bets.  Going to Keeneland is a long running tradition at the University of Kentucky.  Live racing goes through April 24th so if you love horses, love the excitment of the race, and  want to see one of the most beautiful race tracks in the country you have to go to Keeneland! You still have time to order that Easter Bunny costume I've been talking about for weeks to save yourself the headache of waiting in line at the mall for pictures with the Easter Bunny.  Have a family member or friend be your Easter Bunny this year with a great costume from HalloweenExpress.com.