Senior Year Fiesta!

  • May 29, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
The high school years are finally over for all the seniors 2009 and now they're getting ready to move into the next phase of their lives whether it be college or into the working world.  But before all that they have a couple months of summer break that will be filled with wild and crazy graduation parties! In my last blog I wrote about the ever-popular Hawaiian Luau theme party that always makes for easy planning when organizing a grad party.  Today I'm going to talk about another theme that is just as fun - Mexican Fiesta Party! The word fiesta means "a festive celebration" and that's exactly what a graduation party should be.  You can greet your guests with colorful sombreros and castanets.  Decorate in colors of red, white and green.  Mexican ponchos, sombreros and colorful serapes are perfect attire for your guests.  Senors and senoritas can snack on chips and salsa in addition to bite size fajitas, tortillas and enchaladas. A pinata and frozen (non-alcoholic) margarita drinks add the perfect touch to your fiesta theme party!