Pet Costumes Rock!

  • June 09, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell


To get ready for the Halloween season everyone is busy checking out all the new trendy costumes.  Summer usually brings with it some great blockbuster movies with characters that give way for cool Halloween costumes.  Costumes come in all shapes and sizes; big and tall, short and small...and puppy size.  The cutest thing in the world is to see dog's dressed in drag!  Pet costumes have become a huge sensation although I'm pretty sure the pet owners like to see their dogs dressed up a lot more than the actual dog does.  Every day on celebrity news you see another actor/actress prancing around town with their pet decked out in the latest fashions.  I know it's cute and sweet, but I'm pretty sure the dog would rather wait until Halloween to get dressed up.  And where do all the pet owner's look for their four-legged friends costumes?? of course! At not only do they have a costume for every dog personality out there, but they have so many great styles to choose from.  Is your pet sweet and cuddly?  Then by all means check out the Snow White pet costume or maybe even the Eeyore pet costume.  Maybe your dog leans more toward the roughneck crowd?  If that's the case then you have to get your pooch a Biker Dog costume or Tatto Dog costume.  Halloween is a fun holiday for the whole family.  This year don't leave Fido out in the cold when it comes to participating in costume activities.  Dress them up just like one of the family!