Shoes Make the Costume!

  • July 27, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell


Everyone knows how important accessories are to give your outfit that finished look.  Well, the same goes for Halloween costumes.  What goes on your feet is just as important as what goes on your body. I know that with young children comfort and safety are way more important than style when they are running around the neighborhood trick-or-treating.  They could care less what's on their feet as long as they can run fast and keep up with the other kids.   My children usually wear their tennis shoes no matter what their costumes are.  However, my oldest daughter Sydney is getting to the age when style does mean something and she would rather look cool with a nice pair of flat boots or sandals depending on what her costume is. If you really have a great costume this year and want it to stand out be sure to find a pair of Halloween shoes that will do that.  Shoes really do make the costume! At all the hard work of figuring out which shoes go with which costume isn't a problem.  Every costume is pictured with the shoes or boots designed to make the costume complete.  You can even order the shoes at the same time you order your costume without even leaving the costume page.  Everything is right there on one page to make it as easy as possible for you to get the complete look of your Halloween costume.