The Soldiers of G.I. Joe Come To Life!

  • August 27, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell


In the past, movies have always been the backbone of Halloween costumes and this year has been no different.  Blockbuster movie characters coming to life giving both children and adults reason to head for the Halloween stores.  G. I. Joe is the ultimate fighting action figure for every  boy in America.  My brothers had every imaginable G. I. Joe action figure when we were growing up and they would play with them for hours.   There was nothing that G. I. Joe couldn't handle.  Whether he was fighting the bad guys, jumping into enemy territory or manning the tanks there was no question who my brother would make the hero! Now G. I. Joe has finally came to life on the big screen!  The movie G. I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra hit theaters August 7th with rave reviews.  How could it not having soldiers with names like, Duke, Snake Eyes and Heavy Duty!  If you love a good live-action adventure film you'll love this!  As far as Halloween goes, G. I. Joe costumes of the characters in the movie are flying off the shelves!  Better get shopping if you're thinking about needing  a Duke or Snake Eyes costume for either a child or an adult.   My son, Caden already has his eye on one!  Don't forget all the great Halloween costume accessories that go along with the costumes too!