Check Out The 2009 Halloween Costumes!

  • September 30, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell

There is nothing better then getting the latest magazines or catalogs that show us all the new trends for each season whether it's for clothing, cars, home decorating, etc...  Women especially love to know what the cool "in" styles are going to be in the clothing world before hand so they can get their wardrobe ready!

The same goes for Halloween!   Don't you want to know what the new trend in costumes for 2009 is going to be?  Every year comes out with a sneak peek at the years new costumes.  This year is no exception!  And best of all, you can check out the Halloween costume ideas 2009 right here.  There are plenty of costume ideas for everyone. New for 2009 Costumes

Halloween costumes for everyone in your family; women's, men's, kids, teens, tweens and don't forget your pet - there's new pet costumes for them too!  Want to get some new decorations to add to your old ones from last year?  No problem, they have new Halloween props and decorations that you just have to see!

In addition to all the ideas you get, you can also see a list of the top Halloween costume picks for 2009.  Between all these great costumes ideas and top ten lists, you'll be more than ready for Halloween! I'm telling you, has everything you need to make this Halloween the best yet!!

I Want To Suck Your Blood!

  • September 28, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
Vampire mania is back and bigger than ever!  With big screen movies like the Twilight Saga's and HBO's miniseries True Blood, vampires have been thrust into the limelight, or should I say the darkness.

Vampire Costumes

Vampire costumes have always been popular during the Halloween holiday.   Who hasn't at one time or another either been a vampire or had a friend that was one.  When it comes to vampire costumes you see them in every shape, size and for every age group.  Young and old alike love to portray the evil vampire or vampiress that lives off the blood of others.  Ok, so maybe that's getting a little creepy but hey, that's what vampires do!  However, people dressed as vampires for Halloween don't - they're just out to have a gruesomely good time! Movies like Twilight have turned those old ugly vampires from the past into good looking high school aged boys and girls and the kids love it.  All my nieces have seen the series of Twilight films and have read all the books.   It's funny because even adults love the Twilight saga's! This Halloween the trend will definitely lean toward the blood thirsty vampires. has all your vampire accessories!  What's a vampire without his/her fangs, cape, nails, goth makeup and of course blood.  Whether you're looking for an adult vampire costume or kids vampire costumes, you'll find it here!

Vampire Kid's Costumes

To Infinity And Beyond!

  • September 24, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell

Toy Story Costumes

"To Infinity and Beyond", gosh I can't tell you how many times I've heard that over the years!  My son, Caden was obsessed with Toy Story and when he saw that they are bringing back Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D, well he was beside himself.  He had a Buzz Lightyear costume for Halloween a few years ago and wore it everyday for a year until it practically fell off him.  To be honest I'm kind of looking forward to it too.  My husband and I loved the Toy Story films!  I know a lot of parents that saw the movie with their children and liked it as much as they did.  Just seeing all the different toys that we used to play with as a kids was cool enough for me.  I laughed throughout the whole movie!  The 3D movie will only run in theaters for 2 weeks at two different times.  The first is October 2, 2009 and the second is February 12, 2010.  Both of these are in preparation for the release of TOY STORY 3 in Digital 3D on June 18, 2010.  Wow, we definitely can't wait for that one to come out!  Disney Pixar did such an amazing job with Toy Story!!  Even though it's a computer animated movie, the characters are brought to life with their own funny and quirky personalities.   Of course the two main characters are Woody, the cowboy and Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger.  Here are a few other great characters that you couldn't help but fall in love with.
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Jessie (cowgirl)
  • Hamm (the piggy bank)
  • Bo Peep
  • Rex (T-Rex)
  • Slinky Dog
I even loved the army men in the beginning of the movie as they completed their covert mission of parachuting downstairs to find out what toy Andy got for his birthday.  The whole movie was a blast!  Woody Child's Costume Jessie                   This year Toy Story costumes are going to be all the rage with children and adults alike with the 3D movies coming out.  Oh did I forget to mention that since adults love the movie so much they also love the costumes as well.  What a great idea for a couple costume - Buzz Lightyear and Woody OR Woody and Jessie.  They're perfect and sure to win you first place in any Halloween costume contest!

If Your Child Acts Like An Animal, Dress Them As One!

  • September 22, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my... 

Animal Costumes

As parents we've all had our share of seeing our children running around on all fours roaring like a lion pretending to be king of the jungle.  Children, especially boys,  love to pretend to be the big bad animals they see on television or in the movies.  Girls are usually a little more low key leaning toward the lady bugs, butterflies and the cute kitty cats. Disney movies are a great inspiration to children when it comes to animals.  The Lion King, Bambi, Dumbo, Jungle Book and 101 Dalmations are just a handful of great Disney movies that portray animals in a way that make children fall in love with them. A trip to the zoo lets your child's imagination run wild with thoughts of elephants, tigers, pandas  and giraffes.   If your child loves animals, then wouldn't an animal costume be the perfect Halloween costume for them?   When my son was young I dressed him in the cutest elephant costume I had ever seen.  It was adorable and everyone that saw him thought he was the cutest thing ever! So this Halloween let your child pick from hundreds of the cutest Halloween animal costumes you've ever seen at  They have every size available from infant and toddler to child sizes so there's something for everyone! Turtle CostumePenguin Costume

A New Twist On Being A Bride!

  • September 16, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
Kids Halloween costumes have come a long way since the vinyl one piece costumes with coordinating plastic masks.   Gotta love those plastic masks with the two small eye holes and even smaller mouth hole.  That elastic strap that went around the back of your head was classic. Today, things are a little different or as I like to call it, updated.  The children's costumes are mini versions of the adults with all the bells and whistles.  I love how one themed costume can take on different personas, such as; the Vampire - there is the classic Vampire, the evil vampire or the sweet vampire.  Same with the Fairy costume - there is the Pixie Fairy, the Devil Fairy or the Fairy Witch. When I was little there were two things I wanted to be for Halloween, a princess or a bride.  The bride was one of my favorite costumes with the beautiful white dress and long veil.  Today has a slightly different take on the bride costume and the little girls are loving it!  Since Halloween has it's roots in folklore and dead souls, why not add a little edge of creepiness to the ever popular bride costume.
  • Monster Bride
  • Skeleton Bride
  • Corpse Bride
  • Bride of Darkness
My favorite is the Monster Bride Costume.  You wouldn't know it by the name but it really is adorable!  My daughter Sydney was the Monster Bride for Halloween last year and all her friends loved it.  This year it comes in two colors, white and green.  You have to get the accessories to complete the look, but your little girl will think it's cool! Monster Bride Green Monster Bride White

Special EFX Contacts - You Have to "SEE" It To Believe It!

  • September 14, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell
When putting together an outfit for a special occasion the most important thing to do is accessorize correctly.  Accessories can make or break the look you're going for!  The right accessories can put your outfit right over the top and make it look wonderful.  Whether it would be the open toed shoes, the leather belt, the clutch purse or just the oh so perfect hoop earrings, you have to accessorize! Halloween costumes are no different.  There is no such thing as Dracula without his fangs, a Devil without his horns or a Cowboy without his trusted holster.  These are all just accessories but without them the costumes are not complete.  However, there are accessories that you don't have to have in order for people to know what character you're portraying, but wearing them gives your costume that edge that will definitely get you noticed! 


Accessories such as Special EFX Contact Lenses

These contact lenses are unbelievable and will make any costume you wear stand out amongst the crowd of party goers.  They look like something you would see in a movie.  The colors are vibrant and make your eyes look amazing and extremely creepy! 

What's great about them is that they are theatrical grade contact lenses with FDA approved paints.  When you order them you put in your prescription power for each eye and the contacts are custom made.  How cool is that! 

Special Effects Contacts green200special effects contacts yellow200


Special Effects Contacts red200

This year if you really want to accessorize your Halloween costume, then do so with Special EFX Contact Lenses.  It will be one costume no one will soon forget!

Make Yours A Personalized Halloween!

  • September 09, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell

personalized pumpkins

There is nothing I like better than personalized holiday decorations!  I think they are simply adorable and add the perfect touch to any home.  Having your last name on a ghostly welcome mat at your front door is a great way to welcome all the little trick or treaters in your neighborhood. now has personalized Halloween items on their website and to tell you the truth I just spent about an hour checking out everything from welcome mats and candy bowls to trick or treat bags and apparel.   I think I want one of everything!

personalized trick or treat bags500

One of my favorite items that the kids love as well are the personalized trick or treat bags.  It makes it so much easier with their names on them so that we don't have any fighting over who took who's bag by mistake.  When it comes to their Halloween candy it's amazing how children know exactly what candy is in there!  Now if I would ask my son what he did in school today, he wouldn't have a clue, but ask him what kind of candy he has left in his Halloween bag he can tell you piece by piece!  It's amazing isn't it?!

personalized childrens apparel500

Children love personalized Halloween clothing as well.  Each year my kids have a Halloween party at school and they're allowed to be out of uniform that day.  Instead of costumes they want the children to wear something that falls in line with the Halloween theme.  That's where the personalized sweatshirts come in handy.  With "too cute to spook" or "pumpkin princess" written across the front they're perfect for any child. So this year don't forget your personalized Halloween decorations!  It's the perfect way to add that little extra something to your home and/or yard.

Make Your Party A Big Hit With Halloween Wine!

  • September 08, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell

No adult Halloween party is complete without costumes, appetizers and plenty of adult beverages.  This year the trendy party drink is  Halloween Wine!  Everyone loves wine so why not include it in your holiday festivities? 


Red wine couldn't be any more appropriate for a Halloween party because of its color.  Seeing Dracula walking around with a goblet of blood (aka Cabernet Sauvignon) adds an aura of creepiness to the partys atmosphere. 

Halloween Wine with names like "Bone Dry Red" complete with a black and white skeleton on the label and "Ghostly White" with a label of hands reaching up from the dead are the perfect beverages for your Halloween party! So this year in keeping with the Halloween theme serve your guests Bone Dry Cabernet or Ghostly White Sweet or Chardonnay!  Believe me, your guests will be dying for it...


New Top 10 Costume Lists!

  • September 03, 2009
  • Jenna Maxwell


Every year at Halloween kids and adults alike are trying to find out what the hottest trends are in costumes!  What is the number one costume for sexy costumes, funny costumes, couples costumes, kids, teens, adults, toddlers...even your pet has his own Top Costumes for 2009 list!
  • What are the cool and popular costumes?
  • What will everyone be wearing?
  • What is the number one costume in every category?
Well, look no further! has the answers to all these questions and more!  With a simple touch of a button you'll have everything you need to make the right decision on that perfect Halloween costume right at your fingertips. Here is a list of the categories you'll find:
  1. Top 10 Kids Costumes
  2. Top 10 Teen Costumes
  3. Top 10 Toddler Costumes
  4. Top 10 Baby Costumes
  5. Top 10 Sexy Costumes
  6. Top 10 Funny Costumes
  7. Top 10 Couples Costumes
  8. Top 10 Plus Size Costumes
  9. Top 10 Pet Costumes
  10. Top 10 Halloween Masks
So this year surprise your friends with your outstanding "knowledge" on what's hip and cool this year when it comes to Halloween cotumes!  They'll be coming to you with all their "what should I be for Halloween" questions and you'll know just what to tell them.  Don't worry, it will be our little secret! In the coming weeks I'll do blogs on each indivdual category so that you'll see just how much fun the Top 10 Lists are!

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